I can write, sing, paint etc. I am one of those people who love so may different subjects. But something changed, drastically. It began the day that I stopped pretending; when one by one I removed the toxins, the excuses and the lies that I told myself. All the noise.

I had buried my dreams so deep inside of me that life eventually shook me so hard, to such an extent that I ended up in rehab. Part of my journey of healing required that I share my inner world with you. I committed to writing a poem each Monday and sharing it with you. This practice became my way of opening my heart and remembering the way to my dreams. And that is where my musical journey began.

Anyhow, you will find selected poems that I have written between 2014 – 2017, a lot of which are a work in progress towards my poetry book. Currently, my focus is on my music and I am trusting that process. When it comes to my poems, I will let you know as soon as my book is out one day because this is how the magic began. In the meantime, please feel free to read my poems, listen to my music and come to my concerts. Discover what poetry is for you. For me, each poem and song that I write is a plea for love in this world.

I believe that silence is golden. I believe that most answers lie in nature, meditation and yoga; within ourselves. I believe in love.

Copyright Β© Nomzi Kumalo, 2014.

216 Replies to “ME”

  1. Thank you so much for the invitation Suzanne. I am however only publishing my work on my blog at this point in time. Have a lovely weekend and feel free to visit some more whenever you have the time. πŸ™‚


  2. I truly appreciate your kind words and your enthusiasm. I will be back to post more of my poems after the summer so do feel free to visit my blog anytime that you want in the meantime. Have a lovely week. πŸ™‚

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  3. I love this! Your love shines through your writing and is so profound. I love everything to do with love and much of my blog is about Universal Love, all encompassing love for the world as a whole. ❀ You are so wise! πŸ˜€ Thank You for sharing!


  4. I love what you have to say here. It reminds me of what is important in life and I am looking forward to visiting and seeing more of your posts. Thanks for reading mine as well.


  5. You are most welcome. Yes indeed, “life is cyclical”; we learn and then we also unlearn. “All of us have something worthwhile to contribute”; each person we meet will teach us something. The key is to let it be quiet enough to be able to really listen. Thank you for visiting, for your kind words and for reminding me of this Stephanae. Have a lovely weekend. πŸ™‚

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  6. Hi Nomzi, thank you for visiting my blog and connecting with me. I love the authenticity on your “About” page and what you say about “when I got rid of all the toxins, the excuses and the lies that I told myself. All that noise.” resonated with me because though I’m not there yet ridding myself of the “noise” is what I’m working towards. Many times I think about going off the grid but then I come back to the realization that life is cyclical and all of us have something worthwhile to contribute. Thank you again and I can’t wait to read your poetry. ~Steph


  7. This is the expression of a purely beautiful soul. Thank you to have stopped by my library and happy to have discovered this peaceful place too.


  8. Lovely to meet you too ; )
    I absolutely love what you have written ‘you love a lot’ I love that! A lot of what you said resonates with me soo much and I feel I have undergone a significant shift in the last year but really it’s always been happening just feels like it is gathering more pace…
    Love your poetry too tis excellent xx


  9. Thank you again for your recent visit to my blog page. I am truly humble by the visit. Continue blessings as you continue sharing your unique creative gifts with the universe thru the energetic vibration poetry carries thru words. It’s truly powerful and inspiring!

    With Love&light !


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