The First Nordic sun

Excuse me please
While I talk and sing in the shower
While I dance naked in the streets
While I swing from street lamp to street lamp

Pardon me please
While I unbutton my winter jacket
While I leave it on the pavement
While I surrender to the sun

Do forgive me please
While I giggle when I see you
While my heat and secrets meet
While I play the music louder

All apologies but
I can not hold my heart in
Thoughts alive in my tongue
My veins are laughing and speeding
Something unravels every moment
Because the Twin Peaks season is over
Am I this lucky up all night
Er det virkelig sant
Is it really true.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2014.


  1. oh Nomzi, no apologies please, this is a wonderful poem so full of immediacy and yearning. i relate so much to your desire to leave your coat on the pavement, the bundling against the cold becomes so heavy and tiresome! i live for tee shirt weather, sweat on my skin and the sun’s glare in my eyes!


    1. Thank you. My emotions become so overwhelming at times and it is wonderful when I can release them with words. And that day of sunshine and love was almost like a religious experience. Honestly. I had not seen the sun in months you see. 🙂


  2. “I sing the body electric, I celebrate the me yet to come…” I remember that song from “Fame”. We learnt the song at school and I still remember the lyrics. I think of Walt Whitmans poem too, about celebrating life; body and soul in “I Sing the Body Electric”. The song was inspired by the poem. Now, how that came about is amazing too. Light! Yes! 🙂


    1. Hahaha. That is sooo not Norwegian. It’s Irish I just found out 🙂 I love your sense of humour. Plus I just read a fantastic poem of yours called “My sad lover and I”. Incredible. I left a message at yours 🙂


        1. Lol. It is not realistic to do so right now because it is still cold. But the burning is there. I feel this urgency to just burst out, be free and dance and sing. Shout about the streets; that there is no need to be so glum anymore. You see? 🙂


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