Global living

Not all the people on planet earth
Eat potatoes and pasta
This is no reason to panic
This is no reason to be mad.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2014.


    1. What a lovely surprise. I am so glad that you feel that way. Yippeee! All the more because I think your blog is wonderful too. Nourishing my mind and my spirit. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


    1. Well we really do panic about the most odd things. Anyone ever died from eating curry? Of course it is easier said than done, to not panic that is, with all that false information and propaganda out there. The best is to keep reaching out to eachother with the truth. Keep trying. 🙂


  1. I love that those 5 lines can encapsulate or relate to so many issues..xeno and homophobia, racism too. Simplicity works wonders in your writing! And you may actually just be writing about pasta and potatoes lol

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    1. You know there is a beautiful song that I love by Charlie Winston called “Boxes” and whenever I hear it I am reminded to never dare to even contemplate to deconstruct my poetry. Or anything that I do for that matter. “It spoils the fun for me”. So I will write and then let it go for you and others to experience it all as you wish. I love to hear that you took the time to hear. Even better when I discover something new about what I do. So thank you 🙂


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