Call my ugly

Call each and every ugly part of me
Until there is none left for me to cling to
Until they are no longer mine to carry
Free to be of what I am made.

I dedicate this poem to those who have called my ugly; and in so doing have awakened me to my humility; my true calling. From the time that we are born our lives are abundant with gifts. They will misname them. Our work is to rise above that.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2016.



  1. You must remember that this world of ours is not as perfect as we hope.
    Ugly? You just told me that there are a lot of people in your immediate neighbourhood that needs to get their eyes examined! So what? ‘Taste’ is a highly subjective thing and ( like me ) there are a lot of people that place a lot mor value upon what’s between you ears than facial beauty.
    Your personality, however, does not! Smile to the world, and I guarantee it will smile back at you!


    1. My words have a life of their own once they leave my heart and head. The only thing that I know is that sometimes I must speak up and sometimes I must keep quiet. I understand that we all share the human condition. I smile to the world. Thank you and keep shining too. 😊


    1. Indeed it is not about liking it. It is about understanding this fundamental principle in daily living in order to age with grace and wisdom and dignity. Are you well love? It is always heartwarming to hear from you. 🙂

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    1. When we see something we do not like about ourselves in another, we need to look at ourselves and find out what is going on. So true. I wish you a morning filled with wonder Paula and thank you for your support. ❤


    1. I appreciate you sharing that with us Jane. One of my early posts I remember talking about how an enemy is not quite an enemy when you realise how much that person teaches you about yourself. I have long since removed the posts that are not poetry though. Another poem that I wrote which touches on this theme is Happy unrandomly. I wish you a beautiful morning. ❤


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