I scrub away your burden
Down the drain
Everything softens in the shower.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2015.

Published 5 March 2014

50 Replies to “Forgiveness”

  1. haha amazing! When I saw the title I expected something long and maybe wise words for me to learn something.
    But you are right, what more do we need then a shower 😉


  2. sweet meeting you too. showers heal me too albeit momentarily but oh those moments are warm as butter. 🙂


  3. You are most welcome dear. Forgiveness brings us closer to our good heartedness, our tenderness, our humanity. Love. Thank you for sharing your feelings and do have a peaceful weekend. 🙂

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  4. Kumalo, short but very powerful. The careful choice of imagery evokes a burden that could be emotional or physical – the use of shower and drain seal it by suggesting not just a softening but a cleansing hinting a feeling of being soiled by the activities of the other. I felt the pain and relief of the poetess as I read this short piece. Habari gani, Kumalo?


  5. The more one tries to avoid pain, the more pain insists. The way I see it, one is meant to live and learn and grow through pain.

    Pain does not go away but I think that how we perceive pain can change. Probably key.

    I feel a new poem arriving. Thank you for the inspiration Celestine. Have a peaceful week. 🙂

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