A Human Encounter

As though I am built of some other material
That neither you nor I can make out
Whether you are shapeshifting or maybe I

Beautiful warm burgundy animal blood
Humping thumping breathing organs
Fingerprint all my genes awake

Ancient codes in each and every cell
Popping flesh bubbles and children unborn
It’s my turn it’s my turn it’s my turn it’s mine

Survival in the love and war of the breeders
Horniness half hysterical on a cliff edge
Commanding a thousand valleys a thousand streams

Hot savage bliss in the climax to live on
Significant insignificance as we bow our heads
To surrender to such violence in rebirth.

Copyright ยฉ Nomzi Kumalo, 2014.

Originally posted 15 March 2014


      1. You welcome! The snow is far from melting though some days are warmer resulting in a slippery surface. It’s still pretty much winter, with little hints of spring:-)


  1. Yes I do see similarities in our thoughts. Cannot say the same about our styles though, for you are a wonderful wonderful poet while Im just trying to get by. ๐Ÿ™‚
    How lovely it is to find another soul just waiting be to be found. Yours is a beautiful piece.


    1. Wonderful. Yes our styles are very different and we explore other different themes as well, yet ultimately we talk about connecting as humans. We speak differently so that a variety of people can understand and appreciate what we are saying. I love the tenderness in yours. Thank you for your kind words and do not underestimate the power of your words. ๐Ÿ™‚

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