Love has work to do

Something about survival
That holds love hostage
When love can not be kept locked up
She pleads for her own release tonight
To see the light of day.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2015.


    1. Ultimately life is about learning how to love. And sometimes we can hold onto people or things or habits or emotions even when they no longer serve their original purpose. One has to let go of these blockages in order for the energy of love to be released. So that love can do its work. Does that make sense Paula?

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    2. And yes Paula you are onto something there in what you hear in this poem. I am referring to the letting go of the fear of abandonment. It is about taking the responsibilty to show that we care. It is about having the courgage to show love. I appreciate you taking the time out to show love. 🙂


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