Blue is the quietest colour

I can hardly breathe for the love
When light makes our skin so real
Scars and marks I won’t recognise
I have no want to join such details

Many tones of blue before dawn
The colouring of regret and hope
Blue ink drenched all the surfaces
To soften the stretch marks of life

Curling up into this our ordinary
I can now smell the quiet of you
Hearing that love can’t get closer
For love is sleeping outside of me

Your skin now glowing blue milk
I do forgive you, I do forgive you
I reach out to celebrate your body
Make you witness your choices.

Copyright Β© Nomzi Kumalo, 2014.

Originally posted 22 May 2014.

Summer break. Wishing you peace.


  1. Wonderful poem. The sky is always so very blue at night, and the nights can be so quiet.

    Well written. You should do a video of yourself reading one of your poems. No one can read a poem as good as the writer herself!



  2. Beautiful poem!
    The elements of construction and the lovely metaphors used in this poem, flow in a beautiful and rhythmical way; this gives to the poem its balance, beauty, and effectiveness. I like the way that you convey your thoughts and ideas, and highlight the challenges of blue colour/love with harmony and intensity. The sentences are written so poignantly that I can feel it like an echoed revealing your personal feelings and expressions. By the way, with an interior design background, I like all colours since their appreciation depends of their layout, but blue remains my favourite colour.


    1. Hello Jeaninelu

      Thank you very much for taking out the time to let me know what you think. I truly appreciate that. I used to paint a lot many years ago, so I hear what you mean about the appreciation of colour within the context. Blue was never my favourite colour but I do love so many ways of blue juxtaposed with other ways of other colours. Enjoy the rest of your week. πŸ™‚


      1. I’m doing well, thanks! Major changes; all good though. How are you? I love your words – thank you for the poems – I am still thinking about (I should say feeling) the last stanza.


        1. That is good to hear. Me too, I am doing well. Change is good. What can I say? Yes there is something to be said about facing oneself in another. To find love.


  3. I love this. My favorite line was “many tones of blue before dawn.” that will stick with me for a while!


    1. Thank you for taking the time out to read my poems Charnell. I appreciate that. There is a lot of poetry in the blue hours before the dawn. Have a lovely Sunday. πŸ™‚


  4. Lovely. I always love the feel of your blog.
    I wanted to tell you I set my blog on private for a bit. I tried to send some invitations and it didn’t recognize your email. You are of course invited. If you want to, send me the email you use for your blogs or request access at my blog.
    Have a gentle day,


    1. I am pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful comments I must say. And I appreciate you all taking out the time to let me know what you feel. And thank you Hugh. πŸ™‚


  5. “Curling up into this our ordinary
    I can now smell the quiet of you
    Hearing that love can’t get closer
    For love is sleeping outside of me”

    So good.

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