The Sun still shines out there

Arm in arm in brown leather shoes
Strolling under misty autumn skies
Keeping to the mild golden pathways
Only the forgiving day demands of us.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2014.


  1. hello there! nice poetry you got here….i was hoping to find an email address somewhere here but in the absence of that i guess i will make do with the reply box… my self and a network of rights activist are putting together a sexual assault awareness program in Sub-Saharan Africa, and we currently are reaching out to poets/writers who would like to contribute pieces that help explain the dangers of sexual assault/encourages victims to report assault cases. All this in hope that the culture of impunity can someday change.
    Have a poem/Article? Why not share them? it’s easy -simply send them in a mail to tactinitiative(at)gmail(dot)com… you get the credit and hundreds of people will get to understand sexual assault from your perspective. hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Hello there, I must say that I do not have a poem that is relevant. I do appreciate that you took the time out to read my poetry. So thank you and good luck with the program. Best wishes.


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