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The South African born, Norwegian-based artist, Nomzi Kumalo, celebrates 7 years sober by releasing a critically acclaimed début single under her own record label, Kumalo Records. Six-time Grammy winner Brian Vibberts wrote, “WOW! The “Truth” is so honest and heartfelt. A great vocal performance!!!” when he heard it.

The Truth” premiered on South Africa’s national urban and contemporary radio station, Metro FM, the night before it dropped. Surprising listeners with her first ever live interview, all the way from Oslo, by none other than the South African media icon, Nothemba Madumo. The single will soon have a radio premiere in Norway, with her first Norwegian radio interview by Ole Sven Engelsvold, on NRK P2 – Kulturstripa program.

Nomzi left home 17 years ago with her then husband, to live in his native land, France but later they would relocate to Norway – where she has lived since then. After separating from her husband she became compelled to make sense of her turbulent past and find out how she ended up on the opposite end of the world.

Writing poetry, gathering old texts and recorded melodies from a tiny cassette dictaphone became her way of putting together the pieces of her life. And not a complete stranger to music, her grandfather, a classical pianist himself, had intuitively given her the name, “Nomzi”, which means “home” in isiXhosa, as though he knew how much she would come to need it. Now, music has chosen her and she continues her rehabilitation through writing and singing her songs.

Nomzi channels her creative power and imagination, from the choice of her hairstyle, piercings, the statement of her strictly classic black and white aesthetic, through to the contrast of her bare feet when she appears on stage. She sings without filters, connecting with her audiences with a melancholic soulful sound and a strikingly earthy vocal identity that is hers. A singer, songwriter, poet and painter of emotions, her neo-soul pop ballads are about love and resilience and about how she is overcoming trauma and addiction.

The Truth” was written back in 2008, before Nomzi eventually abandoned her craft as a painter and fine artist. This was many years ahead of her understanding of what “The Truth” would come to mean to her. “I had no idea that I would one day release it, let alone as a performing and recording artist”, she admits.

Nomzi has already delivered a stream of unique and intense concerts in Norway. Her Norwegian band first appeared on stage together in 2018 and they have newly welcomed a bassist as well as a Bosnian accordionist to the band. Prior to her début, she has performed in venues such as the Oslo Concert Hall and The Noble Peace Centre.

Her first single is only the beginning of more music releases and concert tours in the near future, and it could not come at a better time, as we look forward to spending more time with loved ones, reflecting on a year that is almost done and contemplating what makes us feel at home. She is ready. Her music is ready.