Nomzi Kumalo is a melodramatic Parisian love ballade singer songwriter and spiritual drama poet educated in Fine Art and has managed to change her career direction over the past 3 years. Her education in art and art history, her experience as a visual artist for over 15 years as well as her work as a blogging poet, over a period of 5 years, plays a big part in her musical vocabulary as a solo artist.

Born and raised in South Africa, she expresses life as an interdisciplinary female artist and citizen of Norway. Despite being quite new to the professional music scene, Nomzi is already leaving an incredible stream of unique and gripping concerts. Her Norwegian band first appeared on stage together in 2018 and they have newly welcomed a Bosnian accordionist to the band.

Mari Boine, a Norwegian Sami musician, invited Nomzi to northern Norway to work on her first english album, “See The Woman”, in 2013. This was the start of a 3 year collaboration where Nomzi developed as an artist, songwriter, composer and producer. It was both a personal and musical journey where Mari recognized Nomzi as a major part of the process. The album, released in 2017, also contains a song they wrote together, “Crowded Streets of Blue”. In the same year, Nomzi made an appearance as a warm up artist for the “See The Woman” tour concert at Oslo Konserthuset. Another highlight was Nomzi’s concert at the Nobel Peace Center in 2018, during the UN Theme Week: Still Human opening ceremony.

Nomzi Kumalo sings about love and resilience and about how she overcame addiction. Back home they say that it is her singing, her voice and songs that have an Afrikana feel that relate to most African songs usually sung at cultural events and gatherings; and that how she sings puts that emotion of peace, belonging and celebration – like rhythm into her music.

Watch out for her first single release in autumn 2019!

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