Love until the end of time

When beauty no longer misleads us
When our bodies no longer separate us
When our achievements are forgotten
When all our mistakes have softened
When talking is no longer a commodity
When love abandons physical currency

When you have been there all along.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2014.

Originally posted 8 December 2014.

Love has work to do

Something about survival
That holds love hostage
When love can not be kept locked up
She pleads for her own release tonight
To see the light of day.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2015.

The Fabric of love

All the same
Sexual reflectors inform us
That we desperately seek love
So I sewed the hole in my pocket first
For what remains sacred
What keeps me warm
In my heart.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2015.

That straightened Volvo life

That straightened Volvo life
With a boy and a girl and a dog
That I kept trying to make
Rejects me over and over again
Telling me to stop it

Stop lying to yourself

I apply for the umpteenth time
Embrace the struggle
To love.

Copyright © Nomzi Kumalo, 2015.